Why we Shut Down

Those 4 years of ProductLayer were not a total waste of time. We three software guys agree that it certainly benefitted our skills to have to keep up a service like this. There are many things in the API/SDK design and the iOS app which I am personally proud off and I am sure René and Werner can say the same thing about their areas of expertise.

We even had a hand full of actual developers doing product queries via our API. But having taken 4 years to make it to 4 API users is a very sad statistic. In the months leading up to our shutdown we even had to turn away one or two people who where hoping to use our API, one for research, one for an actual app.

However much we love ProductLayer, we cannot keep it running. The main reason being that it costs time and money to maintain our redundant servers. We simply reached the end of our initial funding of 10k Euros and nobody is willing to keep putting down additional funds to keep our hobby alive and going. We were quite frugal dare I say?

At the same time this hard funding limit kept us from making a bigger mistake. If we had invested more, then our loss would probably have been much greater. As we see it now, there was no market receptive to our ideas. Let alone one that would pay us for them.



Who was the team behind ProductLayer?

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Roland Moser

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Oliver Drobnik

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René Swoboda

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Werner Bayer

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